Why shoot RAW ..Why you should always shoot RAW

Why shoot Raw

Why you should always shoot RAW

Shooting Raw is  a total game changer for me ,I love it .

Check out the article here!

This image for example I shot using natural light ,no flash was used .

With the RAW information I can manipulate the light even further using software like Lightroom.

I am using a cropped sensor camera but ALWAYS shoot raw to allow me to get the best out of every image..

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New work from www.chrisbirds.com

New work from www.chrisbirds.com

Its been an interesting week with a wide arrange of diverse subjects..just my style.

Here are a few new shots since my last post..see more of my images here!

I  have just bought the Sigma 35mm Art lens…its awesome, its focal length is perfect on a cropped sensor for portraits/people shots…read more about this stunning lens range here!

I will be heading back to the Uk in a few weeks to get a reality check and plan my next adventure..

Australia/New Zealand/New York/Austria/San Francisco are all on the Radar….

Just going to the local boxing gym to shoot a few friends training …beers on them tonight..

IMG_1805Nathon ,Koh Samui ,ThailandIMG_0051 SparringIMG_9960 BlueFirst sightFirst sightIMG_9710The Champ The street fighter by www.chrisbirds.comStreet fighterExplore Island hoppingIMG_0142 FangIndia by www.chrisbirds.com The ShepherdIMG_0839 JCBIMG_1222 Fun with PangIMG_1495Fun with the new lens
IMG_1730 Golden mirrorIMG_8434Mixing things up a little..