Clearly not a Blogger !

Clearly not a Blogger !

I am clearly not a blogger nor am I a Photographer! but I am out there taking Photos and editing till my hearts content..

This unexpectadly has gotten me a rather large following on various different social media outlets..I have been absolutely blown away by some of the comments I have received over the short time I have been involved in sharing my work..

I suppose one reason for my humble surprise is the fact that I don’t know what I am doing ,I simply see something I love and capture it the way I see it .

I am open and have not been schooled in any specific way,I joke in my Bio that ” Chris is  a free thinking Artist traveling the world” ..well when I think about it I am .. its a passion with no rewards other than kind words from strangers..
Sometimes these are priceless ,even more so when someone I respect as a photographer gets involved with my flow..
Some say I inspire them ,some beg me for more ,some comment on every image I share and some even want to be like me and see the world as I do..???
Sometimes its tiring and sometimes its energising , so for that reason I will be easing off a little with the social media side of things and will concentrate my energy into my website and organising my collection with better information and tagging .
Sometimes less is more..
Here are some of my images that have inspired me to carry on ..yes I know its sad but I am my own fan
Thanks again for all that have followed me and taken time check out my work..

Chris .. The Dummywww.chrisbirds.comOn the edge Street Golden Some Days Are Better than Others The Butter The Hole in the Wall Stairway To Heaven Old Red Romance Death Railway on the Move www.chrisbirds.comUsed The Fighter Going up Silence Please The Buddha Pavers The Shop Keeper Ruins The Launch Pad Parked up Lost Keep It cleen The Oldest City on Earth Cobra Smoking Waiting The The Delivery Man Concrete Jungle Silhouette Resting The Star China town Abandoned Temple www.chrisbirds.com40 Degrees Death Railway Bridge over the river Kwai www.chrisbirds.comFlat


Clearly not a Blogger