Well I finally made it to India.

Its been hard work but so far so good.

I managed to scrape through Bangkok’s rush hour and squashed myself into the sky-train directly to the airport.

6 hours later I was in Mumbai.

The fun was then trying to find my hotel…its a pretty hectic city to say the least so I simply took a cab.

Well 6 actually …even though I had printed the hotels details in English and Hindi they couldnt find it.

After the 6th attempt I took to foot with my bags and camera gear not realising the extreme temperatures and humidity

The 2+ hours in the cabs nearly saw me off…there black in color and have no kind of  aircon…there simply ovens on wheels.

I didn’t realise how much fluid I had lost through the course finding my hotel and I was another hour + on foot .

When I finally got there I collapsed with heat extortion .

I awoke a few hours later in need of the toilet….yes I had picked up a bug already….

17 hours later I awoke again (luckily) and felt a little better but still very weak.

A fairly easy day was had (the main reason I couldnt  leave the toilet)

So day 3 I needed to book a train ticket to Delhi..Easy!

Theres 3 train stations in Mumbai…I went to all 3. …the internet is a wonderful tool but my hotel/Starbucks/McDonalds and every where else I went simply had no internet…so I was missing a major tool and after spending too much time with taxis etc I dropped the quest for WIFI.

When I got to the correct train station they informed me I had to buy my ticket from the other train station ?????obviously!!


So again 6 taxis later I was sorted.(I had to jump out of one Taxi literally…he was not good)

Its a 16 hour train journey to New Delhi and I was pretty unfortunate with the people in my room(or person), a Russian lady,french lady ,Nigerian man ,2 Indian men.

The Nigerian man gave of such a negative vibe it was unreal,I think the two lady’s where just about frozen,as was I to be fair.

He was huge about 55 years in age  and wore an old shiny suit with jet black sunglasses,he clearly disliked Indian people and was very loud/rude and ignorant,at one point one of the Indian men got the rail guard to take a look…it could of gone wrong really easy……16 hours….

The Indian man opposite me was wonderful,we couldn’t communicate verbally but he took care of me…

When my meal come with out a naan bread,I wasn’t going to make a scene as it was bad enough  in there…My Indian friend sorted it

Life on the GangesIMG_7911IMG_7981IMG_7984IMG_8031IMG_8122IMG_0026 IMG_7042 IMG_7157 IMG_7190 Row, row, row your boat... IMG_7894 Cobra man IMG_8035 IMG_8072 Jump IMG_9075 The smoker IMG_9790



…he knew i was missing my bread,lol…

What next!!!