A few new images from www.chrisbirds.com

A few new images from www.chrisbirds.com

This will be my last post of 2014..

Its been a great year and I have enjoyed sharing my Photography through my very own website www.chrisbirds.com

I have spent too many man hours to mention developing it , but now I am up and running and ready to take on 2015 and GROW..

I think a year ago I had 300 followers over at Google +

Now have over 6000…and most importantly over 2,000,000 views….wow! that’s a lot of people viewing my art.

Instagram has grown fom 25 to 4500 in the same time frame…

Its not about the numbers but its a clear indication I am doing something right and will carry on and grow.

I thank you all for coming over and viewing my work and really appreciate the feedback,I have been truly astounded by some of the comments..

Thanks again and all the best in 2015 ..


Cow girlCow girlBuddhaBuddha

On the move againOn the move again

www.chrisbirds.comThe fortune teller

Rush hour

Concrete jungle


The old hotelBedrockGhost shipGhost ship

The walk way

Come take a walk with me

Ghost Skyscraper Bangkok – Chrisbirds.com

Taksin bridge was the stop for the tower..
I took the trainGhost skyscraper Bangkok..

Little did I know as I took this shot there was a man hanging inside this haunted skyscraper…He was found a few days after I felt the urge to take this picture.

I have heard if you pay the security guards a few dollars they will let you in and explore the  49 floors…I will be inside soon …


Leaving Bangkok

I will be leaving Bangkok tomorrow as finally my India Visa has been approved

This trips  been a year in the making and I am very excited to be exploring this diverse country…

Should be some interesting shots coming very soon..Bangkok IMG_7746