Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..

Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..

My latest post has some of the most popular images from my Instagram account ..

There’s always lots of diverse images been added to my Latest feed over at www.chrisbirds.com 

I am currently on the island of  Koh Samui chasing the perfect sunset.

Its actually easier said than done but great fun exploring ..

The sun Sets here at around 6 .0 PM which I find extremely early, still its a better deal than the 6.0am sunrise.

FlatFlat40 Degrees 40 DegreesIMG_5529 Street dog SteelSteelThe old Concrete jettyAbandoned Abandoned IMG_2935-Edit Kiss meIMG_3741 On the streets untitled-11-Edit The modelIMG_8474 TaxiTaxiOn the move IMG_9583 3IMG_9589 Character Eyes eyesIn the wall Hole in the wall Row, row, row your boat... Row Row Row the boat IMG_7894Varanasi
Stoney portraitStoney portraitAfter the marketAfter the MarketBoxesCard board cityIMG_8141TattooThe fortune tellerThe fortune teller www.chrisbirds.comCuteThe BuddhaThe BuddhaOnce upon a timeThe meeting pointThe shop keeperThe shop keeperInside the templeInside the Templewww.chrisbirds.comNellyIMG_0502Shepherd The welderSparkswww.chrisbirds.comMid the Gapwww.chrisbirds.comParlimant www.chrisbirds.comLost undergroundwww.chrisbirds.comOn the limitThe Sanctuary Of TruthSanctuary of truthwww.chrisbirds.comPerspective www.chrisbirds.com Piccadilly www.chrisbirds.com Busterwww.chrisbirds.com My Fatherwww.chrisbirds.com You go first www.chrisbirds.com Filewww.chrisbirds.com The entrance to it allwww.chrisbirds.com T,Rexwww.chrisbirds.com Angry trainwww.chrisbirds.com Dracula’s housewww.chrisbirds.com Like a mirror

Popular, thanks Instagram .. ..Kind regards

Chris Bird

Latest uploads to www.chrisbirds.com

Latest uploads to www.chrisbirds.com .. Hull

This set of images is of my home town  Hull ..Been here several months now so obviously got a few images to share of my up and coming City. All my latest images are available here!

In just over a week I get to hit the road again for 7 Months.

As usual I will be based in Thailand on the  small island Koh Chang , some of the best skys I have ever seen there plus its a great gateway to other smaller islands.

I will have to leave Thailand occasionally for Visa reasons and Vietnam will be the first of my Visa runs .

I love Vietnam and Saigon has some of the most amazing street life you will ever see.

It  should be pretty diverse again with a little Bangkok in there and maybe a bit of Burma 

Christmas will be had on Koh Samui Island ..My second home I guess,its always fantastic to get back onto that Rock and catch up with familiar faces.

A Great place for Photography also  as it has  an amazing Jungle in the centre with dozens of roads into the mountains  and beaches to die for scattered around the 52 KM circumference ..

www.chrisbirds.com The Factory www.chrisbirds.com
www.chrisbirds.comDrip www.chrisbirds.com Old Redwww.chrisbirds.com Naked www.chrisbirds.com No,13www.chrisbirds.com
The Humber Bridge www.chrisbirds.com Inside Lord Line ..Whats Next?www.chrisbirds.com Chloe www.chrisbirds.com Why Not?www.chrisbirds.com Smashing www.chrisbirds.com The only way out www.chrisbirds.com Arctic Corsalwww.chrisbirds.com Shopping www.chrisbirds.comGraveyard Shift
www.chrisbirds.com Lost www.chrisbirds.com Street life www.chrisbirds.com Alter Egowww.chrisbirds.com Under the Jetty www.chrisbirds.com Natures the artist www.chrisbirds.com The gate to it allwww.chrisbirds.com Butter cup www.chrisbirds.comMaking way for the City of Culture
www.chrisbirds.com Our little Bridge www.chrisbirds.comLike a mirror
www.chrisbirds.com Going downwww.chrisbirds.com Minsterwww.chrisbirds.comButter Cup
Eating up Hullwww.chrisbirds.com The metal T.Rexwww.chrisbirds.com Rachy www.chrisbirds.com Windows 9www.chrisbirds.com Street Art www.chrisbirds.com Another World www.chrisbirds.comOut of Hull
New York New Yorkwww.chrisbirds.com Jesuswww.chrisbirds.com Power Plantwww.chrisbirds.com The Blue Door www.chrisbirds.com

The Rank Hovis Mill in Hull
The Rank Hovis Mill in Hull

www.chrisbirds.com Soon to be forgotten www.chrisbirds.com Old Town143 West Dock Avewww.chrisbirds.com Old redHull


A few new images uploaded to the Latest stream

A few new images uploaded to the Latest stream ..click here! to see all of my diverse imagery.www.chrisbirds.comInside Angkor Wat,Cambodia.www.chrisbirds.com
Going UndergroundStay Calm Keep Calmwww.chrisbirds.com Exploring the USSwww.chrisbirds.com The Things I do www.chrisbirds.comThe Plant shopwww.chrisbirds.com Zebrawww.chrisbirds.comThailand In Bloom
www.chrisbirds.com Laid to rest,Koh Samui ,Thailandwww.chrisbirds.com Koh Samui ,Thailand www.chrisbirds.com Death railway ,Thailandwww.chrisbirds.com

Koh Chang ,Thailand

The old concrete Jetty ,Koh Chang ,Thailand.

Chenai ,India.

The Coffee shopwww.chrisbirds.com

After the storm,Philippines.


School timewww.chrisbirds.com The Market ,Indiawww.chrisbirds.com


Random by www.chrisbirds.com

Random by www.chrisbirds.com

Its been a crazy few weeks for one reason and another,but I still find my self playing with images as way to kind of relaxing..therapy I suppose.

So heres a few images that took my fancy recently ,there is a lot more diverse work coming soon..that I can be sure.

For more images available for print and from the best printers in the world go to my collection here!

Prices are kept low so you can enjoy something a little different on your wall…Thanks.

Lost Lostwww.chrisbirds.com


In The Grass
In The Grass

www.chrisbirds.comThe graveyard shiftIMG_2331

Beautywww.chrisbirds.com The bus stop..Philippines style..www.chrisbirds.com Going downwww.chrisbirds.com Stopwww.chrisbirds.com Get some perspectivewww.chrisbirds.com www.chrisbirds.com Silkwww.chrisbirds.comCutefineart Dryingwww.chrisbirds.com Time passing byewww.chrisbirds.com
Hayabusawww.chrisbirds.com Aphroditewww.chrisbirds.com Up or downThe ladderThe Truck
www.chrisbirds.com Herbywww.chrisbirds.com Old Redwww.chrisbirds.com The Enginewww.chrisbirds.com Health and SafetySafety first TigerIMG_6090-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit Laid to restLaid to rest Fighterwww.chrisbirds.com

Thanks for the constant support everybody..Enjoy x