The last post !

The last post !

Well 4 years ago I bought my first DLSR camera and hit the road , self exploration was the plan .

I left no stone unturned in my pursuit to becoming an artistic Photographer , self taught all the way and here I am doing my final post !! It seems an eternity ago I was building this web site with the help of Google and Youtube … it was testing times to say the least.

What a journey its been though and what a lucky boy to be able to employ myself to travel the world as a Photographer choosing my own destinations and subjects for all these years .

When I look at my Flickr feed and my Instagram feed I amaze myself and always get pretty emotional as to where I have been , what I’ve done and where I am now .. I also have over 20,000 followers to massage my ego on a daily basis.

I will look back at this artistic journey with many emotions , nobody really knows the energy and commitment I have dedicated to my Photography other than myself and my partner Pang …She knows! and to be honest I never saw it as photography it was to me , Art!

I have decided to sell my camera and all my equipment and take a well deserved break from Photography /art  . I never made a $1 out of this artistic journey but always felt one day someone would be in touch , maybe a sponsor from Sony or Canon or some other venture to travel the world making something or someone look good , I have been in a position to be as flexible as they come…the call never came .

Four years on and I am done ,I now know how to use a camera , frame a shot and excite thousands with the end result…but for what ???

I have literally thousands of images from all over the world still to be edited and published and I will continue to upload these to my online account as a reminder of where Ive been and what Ive done, it always puts a big smile on my face when I see

I have been overwhelmed by the constant feedback that I have received and the many many messages have simply blown me away,this single handedly gave me the power to carry on and gave me the motivation to spend endless hours engaging in my passion , I thank every single one of you for that .

I will continue to pay for my Domain name and keep this site going as its my toy and a toy that I am very proud of .

Who knows in a few years time I may get my mojo back ,but for now I am done.

Having said that I do happen to have a pretty good camera on my Phone…lol.

Thanks again

Chris Bird x


The smoker IMG_9075 IMG_8474 IMG_7894 IMG_7042 The bicycle CompositionIMG_9546 The shop keeper cropped-IMG_3092.jpg IMG_9176 tree and sun hdr IMG_9504

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Coral cove Like a mirror After the market IMG_7647