The future of Photography

The future of Photography

Its obvious that over the coming years photography will evolve,especially equipment.It probably already has but due to the manufactures making billions out of the public its slowly drip fed  to keep the money machine working..
They offer us a few extra megapixels every year and a few extra frames per second for a extra few hundred Dollars .
Sony’s mirrorless A7 R mk2 for example has taken the world by storm with many pros using the system for all Genres of photography ..
I am still using a Canon Dlsr but I can see its old technology now and certainly not state of the art..
We will no doubt laugh at these things in a few years .
The 3 pictures below where all taken with a smart phone …an old smartphone at that,not the latest Samsung s6 or iPhone 6s .
Now my clunky Dlsr requires multiple lens changes and yet many times I am left feeling a bit disappointed with image quality …
One reason  I guess is that I haven’t spent $20,000.00 on lenses.
Compared to my smart phone the huge lens on my huge DLSR should blow it away ,but in good light it simply doesn’t .
Some of the latest Smartphones are also able to shoot RAW ,mix this in with some of the amazing smart phone editing software and you’ve got a powerful little toy in your pocket.
Don’t get me wrong if we were to enlarge these images then the Dlsr would pull away ..BUT its only 2015 and very early days in the world of digital photography and smartphones , not forgetting software is evolving also.There is software available already that can add pixels to Smartphone images allowing for huge prints..
Look at the free Selfie apps on your phone that automatically softens the skin tones leaving the rest of the image sharp..
I will almost guarantee future smart phones aimed at photographers will have full frame sensors and mind boggling image quality like the Sonys A7 R mk2 ..
The latest Sony RX100 mk4  is already available in 2015 and is a great example of just how powerful a small camera can be..
If they can read a newspaper from space with satellite cameras how come when I take a shot from 30 feet away I can’t see the text clear enough to read??? what is this technology.?
The Police have CCTV cameras in many major cities around the world that can also read newspaper print form several miles away …Personally I think there keeping us in the dark with the Camera technology that is potentially available to the Public. Apple showed us this a few months ago when the iPhone 6S came out with a camera that 100% better than an Iphone 6 and I will bet the iPhone 7 will be 50 % better than its predecessor and the iPhone 7 S will be …etc etc etc .
It is of course exciting times in the world of Photography ..

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