Social Media and the Facebook Mafia

Social Media and the Facebook Mafia

Its a strange thing  Social Media and one that Bloggers have been writing about for years.
Ive been playing with social media for a couple of years now and still don’t quite get it ..
I have recently joined Ello the new social media without adds and have had a whopping 1500 followers in no time at all by simply posting images..
I have been on Flickr for a couple of years and have only just managed that number yet I have put quite a bit of energy and effort in commenting on other photographers work and posting good images almost daily ..Flickrs a tough cookie to crack.
Instagram has taken me to over 10,000 followers in just over a year but again quite a lot of time has gone into that ,it is by far the most rewarding in terms of interactions .
My images often get well in excess of 1000 likes in 24 hours which compared to Facebook’s 15 likes for the same image is a shocking reality …REALLY?
So Facebook …Even though 5000 people have subscribed to view my photography page Facebook decide who actually see’s my posts.
They share to around 5% of my followers unless I pay to promote.
If I pay to promote and get more followers they still wouldn’t see my posts unless I paid to promote again ??
Since they floated on the stock market they have become a nightmare and are in my opinion the No,1 internet Mafia out there..
I have been exposed to decapitations ,Rapes ,murders and mass animal cruelty plus much more on Facebook yet numerous times they have taken down my posts as it was apparently against Facebooks guidelines ..they were simple images that had no problem on other social platforms.
Twitter sees me with 4500 followers and I get around 3 retweets a week ..WHAT?? the retweet has become almost obsolete .
I only post pictures on Twitter and years ago would get lots of activity/retweets ,now its dead .
Google + is a funny Internet Mafia again…#thomashawk the famous internet photographer has over 8,000,000 followers on there yet often gets no more interactions than I do with my measly 8,000 followers ,how is that possible ?? he must have 7,900,000 ghost followers.
Have google set up algorithms especially for Thomas Hawk?? my guess is probably .
How else does he get 7,900,000 ghost followers .
He is a fantastic image maker ,but I smell something not quite right …he has a full time job and a young family yet he takes and posts more pictures in a weekend than I do in a year ?? ( and I have no family and no job) he plans to take/edit and publish 1,000,000 images before he dies! thats a lot of work for family man with a full time job.

My guess he’s like his photography friend Trey Ratcliff who actually admits to having numerous staff working behind the scenes..
So why do I bother ?
I simply enjoy Photography and love my little website ,posting on these social media platforms gets traffic to my Website which in turn gets them to view my images all of which are for sale and in turn allows me to carry on travelling and taking pictures .
Plus one day Thomas Hawk might actually follow me on Google Plus ..

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